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JVC SR-HD1500 HD-SDI Converter
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JVC SR-HD1500 HD-SDI Converter/Recorder Kit
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  • The JVC SR-HD1500US Blu-ray Disc and HDD Recorder is a high-performance professional combo deck that lets you author and record professional HD and SD discs without a computer. Whether you need to edit and copy your own camcorder footage or make copies of unprotected discs, the SR-HD1500US's 500GB hard drive will store your content while you format, edit, or downconvert it to Blu-ray or standard DVD discs.

    The unit's multitude of digital inputs means you can ingest footage from camcorders and SD cards in various HD and SD formats, including HDV/DV, AVCHD and MPEG-2. Composite and S-Video inputs, meanwhile, provide backward analog compatibility.

    A straightforward, menu-driven interface helps you create projects for a variety of functions, including those requiring auto-start and repeat playback.

    Professional Blu-ray Disc Recorder Ensures High-Definition Performance
    Copy videos to a Blu-ray disc from a high-definition camcorder from the HDD, or downconvert the videos and record them onto a DVD. The internal HDD also enables easy editing and dubbing of multiple discs. 1
    Compatible with JVC's GY-HM700/100 Pro HD Camcorder
    Recordings of .MOV files in SP (19/25Mbps) mode made using the GY-HM100/700 ProHD camcorders are compatible with the SR-HD1500, and can be transferred to the HDD and dubbed onto discs.
    Compatible with Camcorders Supporting AVCHD, HDV, and DV Formats
    Multiple file formats such as AVCHD, HDV, DV, and those of JVC's Everio camcorders are compatible; digital dubbing can be performed.
    Digital Interface Enhances Camcorder Compatibility
    Equipped with USB, SDHC slot and i.LINK input terminals for convenient connection to camcorders.
    Create Menu-supported Blu-ray Discs
    Blu-ray discs can be made using the BDMV (with menu) format; BDAV discs can also be created and dubbed as needed. The SR-HD1500 also enables users to use original images to create unique backgrounds.
    Store Up to 24 Hours of Full HD Images on One 50GB Dual-layer Disc
    Compatible with high-capacity dual-layer 50GB Blu-ray discs, which means that up to 24 hours (AE mode) of full high-definition images can be stored on a single disc. Writing onto inexpensive LTH discs is also supported.
    Authoring Menu Can Create Discs for Professional Demos
    Disc authoring for professional applications, such as creating discs that repeat playback automatically or demonstration discs, can be performed.
    External Control RS-232C Terminal
    The SR-HD1500's RS-232C terminal enables external control.

  • The VC-50HD Video Field Converter from Edirol/Roland can be used to convert HD-SDI to 50/35/8Mbps MPEG-2 TS, as well as HDV format (25/19Mbps). The unit also supports conversion from SD-SDI to DV format (25Mbps) and 12/9/2Mbps MPEG-2 TS.

    Note! Up/down conversion, I/P conversion, NTSC/PAL conversion, and frame conversion are not supported.

    HDMI Output
    The dedicated HDMI output port provides display and monitoring of both the video and audio signal. The output can also be used to directly connect to a large display or video projector.
    The VC-50HD can be controlled using dedicated PC utility software via USB. This ability allows setting up direction, codec type, SDI audio channels, and other similar parameters. Presets can be saved to enable quick and convenient selection via dipswitch settings.
    The VC-50HD supports three different types of power supply: AC power adapter, AA batteries, and external battery support. The built-in AA battery tray can supply seamless failover power should the AC power become disconnected or while changing over external battery packs. Additionally, the VC-50HD can accept V-Mount and Gold Mount external batteries systems.
    Capture to HDD/SDD with the EDIROL F-1 Video Field Recorder
    Combining the VC-50HD with the EDIROL F-1 Video Field Recorder (Version 2.0) enables direct recording at any supported bitrate (up to 50Mbps) to hard-drive or solid state memory. MPEG-2TS 50Mbps enables higher quality video capture than HDV. Alternatively, MPEG-2 TS 8Mbps enables approximately 27 hours of HD video recording when used with the 120GB HDD.
    HD-SDI & HDV Bi-Directional Video Copy
    Bi-directionally convert between uncompressed HD-SDI and affordable HD format HDV devices. This is an efficient and flexible system for transfer, production, and transcoding applications.
    Non-Linear System Capture & Editing
    Most non-linear video editing systems support HDV as well as 35/50Mbps MPEG-2 TS data files. Use this device to enable higher-quality video production with low overhead.
    Capture or Archiving to Blu-Ray
    Blu-ray/ DVD recorders equipped with IEEE1394 (i.LINK) can record high quality video directly from HD/SD-SDI sources via the VC-50HD. This support is ideal for high-quality video backup and archiving.

    Connectors4-Pin to 6-Pin
    Transfer Rate400Mb/s
    Length6' (1.8 m)