Arab Group
’s is a diverse team of professionals with a wide range of expertise in the stationary, office and personal computer supplies. We are dedicated to ensuring positive customer experience through consistent product availability and service excellence.

What is Arab Group slogan?
Arab Group’s slogan: “Enabling Your Business for Success”. The slogan is based on our objective to provide our clients with quality products and services at a competitive market price

When was Arab Group established?
Arab Group was established in 1998, its strong market presences is the result of winning our client’s trust over the past years

How many employees are there at Arab Group?
Arab Group’s team players exceeds 60 experienced professionals that are well trained in their role; the team consists of management, sales account managers, purchasing agents, accounting professionals, IT specialists, office administrators, warehouse personal and delivery representatives.

How many client accounts does Arab Group support?
Arab Group has over Five thousand client accounts in its system database, with ~3000 top active clients, located in Cairo and various cities across Egypt.

Arab Group’s mission
Arab Group is committed to serving businesses of all sizes, making it easy for our customers to purchase a wide range of office products, services, and technology supplies, at competitive pricing with exceptional quality.

Arab Group’s strategy
Building strong & long term business relationship between Arab Group and its clients through product and service quality

What makes Arab Group different from the others?
Our strength is depending on our creative & Professionals employees; they make the difference in our success as well as our client’s success

Annual revenue
Arab Group’s annual revenue in 2011 exceeded 25 Million Egyptian pound

Delivery policy
Arab Group has six dedicated delivery trucks, enabling us to provide delivery on same day of order placement, with a maximum of second day delivery. Specific date and time delivery arrangement can also be coordinated in advance.

What is Arab Group’s delivery fee?
Arab Group’s delivery service is free.

What is your payment term policy?
Arab Group understands the client needs and business cycles, hence our approach is to work closely with our clients to define and set the payment terms that best meet their purchasing and business demand.

How many warehouses do you have?
Arab Group has 4 warehouses located closely to our main office.

Do you purchase products locally or import it yourself?
Arab Group leverages its resources locally and internationally to provide our clients with the best products at the best pricing. Arab Group has an import record in the computer accessories products due to its high volume purchasing rate that enables us to establish strong relationships with other importers and distributors.

Is Arab Group an authorized partner with any of the global mother companies?
Yes, Arab Group is an authorized partner with:
- Hewllet Packard hp
- Panasonic Egypt

What is Arab Group’s expertise?
Arab Group provides to its valued clients a real service and product excellence in:

- Photo copy paper products

- Stationery products with a very wide variety of models

- Consumable cartridges for all major brand Printer, Fax, and Copier, including HP, Canon, Panasonic, Sharp, Epson, Xerox, Minolta, and Ricoh

- Desktop, Laptop, Servers and Workstations with all known brands including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Toshiba

- Office machines like paper shredders, Lamination machines, currency counting machines, dymo machine, binding machines, copiers machines, scanners, fax machines, printers… and so on.

- White boards stander and tailor measurements, metal cabinets, digital Shannon’s.

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