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Korean Staples 23/10
0 L.E.
Korean Staples 23/10 Long Reach stapler
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Long Reach stapler Specifications


Throat depth                 10.5" (250mm)   
Weight                       11.2 lbs.       
Length                       17-5/8"         
Height                       11-1/4"         
Width                        3-15/16"        
Staple load                  200             
Color                        Gray/Black      
Staples                 23/6       1/4"      
                      23/8       5/16"   
                      23/10      7/16"   
                      23/13      1/2"    
                      23/15      5/8"    
                      23/17      11/16"  

Staple        Sheets of Paper       Thickness
23/6              10 - 30             0.12"
23/8              25 - 50             0.20"
23/10             30 - 70             0.28"

23/13             50 - 100            0.35"
23/15             70 - 120            0.43"
23/17             90 - 140            0.51"

80 fine wire staples

" What do the numbers on the clincher stand for? What does 8/24 and 6/17 mean?"

- The number 8/24 and 6/17 on the clincher refers to the staple size you can use for that particular type of clinch. In this case 8/24 means that for the by-pass clinch you can use staples with leg length from 8 mm to 24mm. Please note the model HD23L17 maximum leg length is 17 mm. The 6/17 means that you can use staples with leg length from 6mm to 17mm for standard clinch.

"The instruction manual comes with instructions on how to change the blade punch. How will I know that the blade punch needs to be changed? How long will it be before it needs to be changed? After I change it by flipping it upside down, will I need to buy a new one the next time around?"

- Even though the long reach stapler HD23L17 is designed for heavy duty use, the drive blade will eventually wear out and you will need to replace it. A good indication that you need to replace a blade is when the stapler starts jamming. There are some variables like the type of paper and frequency of use that can affect the life of the punch blade. When you need to buy a new one, please contact us, we have it in stock.

We have been selling this long reach stapler for years and haven't received any request for a new blade yet.