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HST-PRO Finger
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HST-PRO Finger
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  • HST PRO Finger have TFT Color display.
  • HST PRO Finger have SD card , TCP/IP.
  • HST PRO Finger have ARM9 Processor Samsung.
  • HST PRO Finger have internal Camera.
  • HST PRO Finger have can connect 4 External Camera.
  • HST PRO Finger Can connect external printer.
  • HST PRO Finger Can connect 2 External weigend reader.
  • HST PRO Finger can connect 32 RS485 Reader in RS485.
  • HST PRO Finger Can connect to DVR.
  • HST PRO Fingerhave Finger ,RF or Mifare which can be 200000 RF Card or Mifare,20 000 Finger and RF, 6000Finger only,200000 Transaction .
  • HST PRO Finger have Secugen sensor USA.
  • HST PRO Finger have access control function.
  • HST PRO Finger have Video Door phone function,
    Call function.

 HST PRO Finger: Made in Korea 
Finger ,RF ,Camera 
200000 RF Card or Mifare 
20 000 Finger and RF 6000Finger only 
200000 Transaction 
TFT Color display 
Secugen sensor USA 
ARM9 Processor Samsung 
can connect 4 External Camera 
Can connect external printer 
Can connect 2 External weigend reader 
can connect 32 RS485 Reader in RS485 
SD card , TCP/IP Video Door phone function Call function 
Can connect to DVR access control function